Physicians Speak About Cannabidiol


Doctors are speaking out about the many aspects and benefits of CBD.

In this video, Dr. David Allen, Dr. Rob “Doc Rob” Streisfeld, Dr. Alan Shackelford and Dr. Julie Holland are interviewed on the aspects of CBD.

Dr. Rob Streisfeld on CBD.

“Recent research has been looking at cannabis and the different cannabinoids as it’s over 80 plus cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant. The second most dominant one besides THC is cannabidiol or CBD.

The research now is over 200 peer-reviewed journals on CBD.

It’s probably the most exciting and researched ingredient or substance right now around the world.

It doesn’t have a psychoactive or high as associated with THC but has a tremendous amount of other benefits,… including… research shows anti seizure, anti epileptic which is why it’s gotten a lot of popularity even with children with seizure disorders.

They are getting benefits from this plant in a safe, non-toxic waivers.

All these drugs (Pharmacetical drugs, synthetic drugs) typically don’t work.

There’s neuroprotective benefits.

So you see it a lot with concussions and the NFLs in our research being done now,… with the chronic traumatic encephalopathy or chronically banging the head a lot.

There’s anti-anxiety which is really important.

It’s the anti THC of sorts that calms you down and it helps you manage stress better which is how I look at it,… as much more as a preventative or daily use substance than just treating disease states.

There’s immune support, it’s a huge antioxidant.”